Global Research Team

Amrop Carmichael Fisher's Researchers and Associates are integral to our Context Driven approach to Executive Search. Using a variety of the latest digital tools, they help to identify, assess, manage, and engage the strongest candidates right through to a successful placement at a client organisation. Often the first point of contact with candidates, they are skilled ambassadors of our Clients' brands

Global Executive Search Company – Amrop Carmichael Fisher

Highly skilled and experienced in dealing with senior executives and conducting nuanced conversations, Amrop Carmichael Fisher's Researchers are trained to look beyond the essential job criteria to identify the softer skills and personal attributes that lead to a closer fit and to a better appointment for our Clients. Amrop Carmichael Fisher Researchers are thoroughly briefed on each assignment and can speak with authority about it, working across the full Search process to ensure the best executive hire. They understand your organisation including its products, services, market position and culture.

Amrop Carmichael Fisher's Researchers have access to a variety of the latest digital tools and techniques, ensuring that we 'uncover every stone' on the hunt for the best executive talent.

Each Researcher is provided with ongoing training and development via Amrop University, carefully tailored to local market environments and adhering to the highest global standards of quality and ethical practices. Our continuous investment in the development of our Researchers, one of the highest in the industry, ensures that our front-line teams are skilled at understanding the unique context of each Search.


Amrop Carmichael Fisher has partnered with Gooroo, the global leader in the science of human thinking, to support your hiring decisions. Together we can help you minimise your hiring risk, while building engaged, well balanced and successful teams. Using Gooroo's Mindspace technology, we not only increase the likelihood of talent and team fit, we enable you to unlock how candidates and teams actually think.

Built on 21st Century neurological research and sociographic studies of the nature of conscious choices, the tools have been developed from 40 years of integrated work and incorporates theory from a range of experts, including Edward deBono, Geert Hofstede, Prof Ronald Inglehart, Prof Bob Mathis and Dr Colin Benjamin.