Early Stage Companies

In their early stages of growth, companies need cost-effective development and commercialisation but lack the luxury of large teams to support the big decisions and developments ahead. Tenure and experience are needed to allow the organisation to act globally and exercise agility with limited resources.

Amrop Carmichael Fisher Health and Life Sciences Practice brings to Early Stage Companies the dedicated executive search solutions required to secure future Leaders For What’s Next – dedicated professionals vital to ensuring that discovery and development work efficiently with business development, commercial, access and pricing so that final products meet all current and future purchasing expectations, resulting in gaining optimal access and acceptance in the global market.
Because we are constantly context driven, we are able to utilise our rich industry knowledge and understanding of the specific objectives and goals of each of our clients to clearly identify and appeal to high performing and prosperous individuals.
We work tirelessly around the globe to present candidates with the platform to enable companies to arrange, initiate and successfully carry out their objectives with maximum efficiency and sustainability. Our extensive and collective experience in conducting searches within this sector has given us an uncontested understanding of its many rewarding opportunities and its challenges.
The Practice has been configured to meet the growing leadership demands in these following areas:
  • Board, C-suite and General Management
  • Discovery, Development and Commercial Executives
  • Key Business-Enabling Function Leaders
  • Healthcare Affairs Leaders