Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical companies are striving for growth through innovation. Yet pressure to deliver better treatment and patient experience outcomes at lower prices will be sustained. And generic competition will continue to cannibalise branded sales.

The rising cost of healthcare is increasing the importance of the payer’s role and stake in decision-making. New products are assessed on the basis of demonstrable economic impact and patient experience effectiveness in comparison to generic alternatives.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher Health and Life Sciences brings to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies with committed expertise in talent and executive search management to acquire Leaders For What’s Next - the professionals that are critical in ensuring that all product concepts meet the current and all future purchasing expectations while gaining optimal access to the market.
As Amrop Carmichael Fisher is constantly context driven, we are able to utilise our in-depth understanding and industry knowledge of the exact needs and objectives of each client in order to identify and captivate the most successful and high-performing individuals. We are able to achieve this by working seamlessly across the world to present candidates with the ability to enable companies to plan, work towards and meet their objectives with sustainability, efficiency and agility.
Our comprehensive experience with conducting strategic and efficient searches in the sector has armed us with an unmatched understanding of its multiple challenges and rewarding opportunities.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher’s work within Health and Life Sciences is designed to meet the various leadership demands regarding the following functions:
  • Board, C-suite and General Management
  • Commercial Executives
  • Key Business Enabling Function Leaders
  • Operations and Supply Chain Leaders
  • R&D and Key Scientific Leaders