New technologies come and go. Yet some can truly disrupt the status quo. This is what we see on the global market place right now.

Technology Executive Search Firm – Amrop Carmichael Fisher

The advance of cloud computing and new online services. The integration of new technology platforms, creating new possibilities and new risks - the ascent of Big Data and Advanced Analytics Management. The ‘Internet of Everything’ and the explosion in electronic products. Technology leaders are dealing with multiple evolutionary changes. Moreover, relentless competition means that they must walk a tightrope to deliver price advantage whilst delivering cutting-edge, high quality and relevant products and solutions.
As connected, agile and forward-looking as its clients, Amrop Carmichael Fisher’s Technology Practice Group has the borderless reach and the industry insights to offer unparalleled support through the transition.
Leaders For What’s Next is our core value proposition. Guiding the leading growth companies of tomorrow towards What’s Next.

Hardware, Semiconductors & Electronics

The outlook remains challenging given the sluggish economic recovery and the rapid softening of end product demand, particularly for PCs, handsets, servers and consumer electronics. Still in the long term, growth is expected as the newer technologies are adopted in new product categories and the demand for electronic products continues to grow.
In this context, the Amrop Carmichael Fisher team is aware that this industry will require business leaders and senior managers with business agility, a strong focus on constant innovation and the ability to provide robust leadership. All whilst maintaining firm operational control and further developing key customer relationships.

Software & Internet

Software permeates all facets of the technology industry and software company leaders are constantly challenged to innovate, improve reliability and service, deliver more for less and keep pace with rapid-fire growth. This makes Software and Internet the most volatile part of the Tech industry with perpetual changes to product and business models. Innovation and value can come from any player - from a small software start-up to a global networking provider. At the same time, Internet is expanding into enterprise assets and consumer items such as cars and televisions with multiple implications in terms of operational and organisational impact.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher Partners understand this fast-moving environment – one which calls for senior executives able to anticipate and address the transformational challenges of their businesses and industry.
System Integration, IT Services & Outsourcing
From System Integration, Infrastructure and Application Management Outsourcing, Managed Services and IT Consulting, service providers operating in this rapidly evolving environment are under intense pressure to increase value delivery and optimise efficiency. They must design value-added solutions which can be delivered anywhere in the world, evolve their offering and differentiate the customer experience.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher is aware that services are fundamentally a people business, making the importance of high-quality, senior talent absolutely pivotal.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is about more than technology. The entire business scenario is shifting like a restless weather system. Ever more cloud technology providers are entering the space. At the same time, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud computing in a process of continuous transformation (Hybrid cloud, Personal cloud…).
Amrop Carmichael Fisher provides leadership solutions to cloud technology and services Clients who are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way they conduct business - with a clear impact on the need for distinct leadership competencies.

Big Data - Advanced Analytics Management

Companies across a variety of industries wish to attract and develop leaders in new and emerging roles - Chief Data Officers, Managing Directors of Analytics and Heads of Data and Information Services – all are critical in today’s global business landscape. Within the next few years, the ability to find and assess trends, turn insight into foresight, tap the behaviour of multiple audiences, and optimise a host of related decisions will move into the hands of those executives and beyond - to their teams, and single, vital individuals.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher has built a world-class knowledge base to counsel and assist clients with their talent needs on these specific issues.