The simultaneous management of consolidation, paradigm shifts and growth in a global context is no easy task. The telecommunications executive knows that the journey from data distributor towards integrated content aggregator calls for transformational leadership.

Amrop Carmichael Fisher is a trusted partner on this journey. We bring our global knowledge and insights into play with our Clients.
Leaders For What’s Next is our core value proposition. Guiding the leading operators and providers of tomorrow towards What’s Next. Delivering the Leaders best equipped to take those companies through critical transition. Supporting Leaders to find and achieve What’s Next in their careers. Exercising exemplary leadership ourselves. This is what we do, every day, within the following fields:
Network Provider
This independent industry, created to facilitate operator efficiencies and tower sharing, remains attractive given aggressive network roll-out by telecom operators. The global outlook sees sharper focus on LTE-related technologies (especially in Japan and the US) and continued efforts to boost the core revenue drivers of Professional and Managed Services. This includes the overhaul of systems to align with the transition from voice to data in most developing markets. In the emerging economies, China and India are key players and are striving to stay ahead of the competition, attracting technology and service providers via partnerships and the development of independent ecosystems for better market penetration. Telcos are likely to favour larger tower players for faster roll-out and improved cost management.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher has together with our Clients identified executive talents who drove the development towards an integrated outsourcing partner, with services higher in the value chain.
Telecom Operator/Mobility
The explosion in social media has customers constantly open to seduction from rival offers, enhancing their experience to transform fleeting into loyal customers - individuals as well as enterprises. Telcos are now enhancing capabilities in cloud computing, network capacity, mobile payment platforms and integrated technology platforms.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher assists global Telecoms Clients in finding senior leaders with both the technical and the commercial understanding to design the future roadmap.
Network Integration & Outsourcing
In a bid to reduce operating expenses, raise efficiency and liberate capital for strategic investments in technology, several operators are outsourcing field services. Global providers now have clear-cut opportunities in emerging markets – if they can design and deliver well-crafted, customised solutions. In response, telecom equipment manufacturers are pushing to demonstrate their outsourcing capabilities.
Managed Services are emerging as the future for the recurring revenue model. Yet the operations and management of wireless communication networks involving multi-billion USD contracts risks over-competition in developing economies and parts of Western Europe. By hiring executives from the IT industry and system integrations companies our clients have succeeded with their new service offerings.
Wireless Service Provider
This latest disruptive innovation presents a significant growth opportunity worldwide and has taken center stage in telecoms strategy. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are integrating Wi-Fi with other networks such as 3G/4G, fiber and cable and running trials of Next Generation Hotspots (NGH) in developed markets. As cellular capacity is stretched by the explosion in data usage, 75 % is set to be Wi-Fi-linked by 2018. Emerging markets are fast catching up, with home spots and residential access points the key trend to enhance their base. Growth demands stronger participation from the device community, coupled with the development of a standardised framework.
Amrop Carmichael Fisher's strong foothold in emerging markets means solid experience with wireless leaders and entrepreneurs who understand the integration of wireless technology.
Mobile Payment
The continuing rise in smartphone use and the digital wallet are combining as key enablers for m-commerce. Technology facilitating financial inclusion, the convergence of retail and wholesale payment, the security of payment transactions - all will attract global investment. Emerging economies will see even faster growth with the entry of unbanked customers keenly supported by the financial services industry. Opex measures, the management of compliance and regulatory standards, fraud detection mechanisms and the centralisation of payment structures will be high on the agenda, together with the creation of fresh and more secure delivery channels. Wireless will have a strong, long-term and positive impact on Mobile Payment. And emerging markets will see heightened activity by governments to take initiatives that nourish m-commerce.