Technology, Media & Digital

Digital disruption has already wrought profound change in industries and business models and that change that is set to continue unabated. Managing it demands strong leadership from Boards, CEOs and Management teams - in developing digital roadmaps, in executing digital strategy and in fundamentally re-thinking the way companies interact with customers in a global multi-channel environment.

Technology, Media & Digital Executive Search Firm

Future Digital Leadership

Amrop Carmichael Fisher's Technology, Media & Digital Practice is configured to anticipate and respond to demand in:

Media & Convergence: broadcasting, e- and m-commerce, entertainment and publishing
Technology hardware, semiconductors and electronics, software and internet, system integration, IT services and outsourcing, cloud computing, big data, advanced analytics management
Telecoms network providers, telecom operators/mobility, network integration and outsourcing, wireless service providers
Clean Tech & Renewable Energy: wind, solar, smart grid, energy storage, energy efficiency, recycling and waste, water and wastewater, biofuels and biomass Generation, geothermal, advanced and green materials.


Amrop Carmichael Fisher Partners and Researchers combine deep sectorial knowledge with local market expertise, backed by global resources and integrated cross border key account management.
Relentlessly context driven, we work closely with clients in the cost-effective, robust and sustainable deployment of global executive talent management.
We have long-term partnerships with our clients not only in delivering critical talent – the Leaders For What’s Next - but in assessing Boards and Management teams and implementing Succession Planning and Talent Management Solutions.
Think of your Amrop Carmichael Fisher Partner as a trusted advisor - supporting you and your company through the digital economy transformation processes.

The Global Rinse of FinTech

There is increasing competition facing Traditional Financial Institutions from vibrant new entrants. Evidence shows the global investment in Fintech (Financial Technology) has increased exponentially. 2008 saw over USD $930 million invested, while 2014 saw over USD $12 billion invested, with that figure being doubled in 2015.
Financial services are clearly the prime area for technological innovation. The way people save their money, how they spend it, the tools they use to invest their money – all these methods are rapidly changing more than ever before, across each and every continent.


The Global Fintech Practice at Amrop Carmichael Fisher is comprised of 17 partners with vast experience within the Financial Technology markets. They closely work with a powerful portfolio consisting of Financial Services and Software Solutions, Services providers, global Consultancy firms and Technology start-ups that operate within a range of disrupting sectors including Fundraising and Asset Management, Money Transfers and Loans, and Mobile Payments.
Our Global FinTech Practice consists of Researchers and Consultants that are experienced in working with both Technology and Financial Services companies. Having this dual focus allows for a thorough understanding of these two powerfully interconnected industries, and also creates a robust platform for selecting and hiring forward-thinking leaders that possess a cultural fit and relevant expertise.
Our ingrained research-intensive approach ensures that our Clients are always in line with the most current human capital and sectoral trends.

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