Leadership and Assessment Services

The world of Leadership Services can be fragmented and confusing. Talent strategists must increasingly consolidate intelligence from multiple sources. Whether they are engaging in Board succession planning, streamlining talent pools in a merger or acquisition, making difficult reorganisation decisions or enriching a leadership pipeline. 

As an executive search firm, we at Amrop Carmichael Fisher defines Leadership Assessment as a structured, comprehensive and objective evaluation of current competences and future potential. It is related to a specific set of criteria, (position, role or managerial level), based on professional and documentable observations and measures.
Key Questions:
  • How to build consensus between stakeholders from dispersed geographies, cultures, divisions?
  • How to integrate Leadership Assessment into talent management architecture?
  • Is it better to partner with specialists, or deep generalists? Using which tools?
  • How to transform data into business insight?
  • Assessment of external candidates in the executive search process
  • Assessment of internal candidates for senior managerial positions
  • Assessment of senior managers and/or management team/s
  • Team development and succession planning
Consolidated Intelligence
Amrop Carmichael Fisher, an executive headhunter in Australia, acts as Trusted Advisor for Growth Champions worldwide. Blending customisation with precision, we draw on a tried-and-tested range of Leadership Assessment approaches and tools, proposing, not imposing. We bring the consolidated intelligence to help organisations make decisions for a sustainable fit.
Your Business: We explore and connect your critical contextual dimensions. From your strategy and culture, to the needs of your candidates, internal and external.
Your Talent Strategy: Leadership Assessment is integrated into your architecture: talent recruitment, on-boarding, team development and succession planning.
Your Talent History: Your partner over time, Amrop Carmichael Fisher tracks and anticipates your evolving Leadership Assessment needs.
Your Globalization Journey: Having built our businesses in 57 countries, we’re attuned to your local complexities. We connect across borders and find the common path.
Tools and Approaches: We have built a solid portfolio of tools and approaches and will use those with the closest fit.
Perspectives: Amrop Carmichael Fisher combines metrics and interviewing. Working in pairs enables us to challenge assumptions, biases and reflexes.
Candidates and Hiring Organisations. The vital link between you and your assessees, (internal or external), we safeguard the interests and the confidentiality of all stakeholders.
Ethics: Amrop Carmichael Fisher applies ethical exemplarity beyond the norm. We know when to say ‘no’.
The Path to Excellence
  1. Pre-analysis: Identify strategic challenges and competencies for evaluation. Study organisation and culture. Agree on process.
  2. Assessment: (Recommended) two in-depth interviews (business and personal/social). CV analysis, personality test, strategic exercise, reasoning test and simulation. Cross over review or 360 degree exercise. Evaluation of individual motivation.
  3. Reports and Feedback: Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and potential. Self-scoring. Recommendations for success in position. Feedback to participant and client.
  4. Full Debriefing: Conclusions and recommendations: regarding individual Managers, the Management Team, the organisation.
  5. Follow-up and Knowledge Transfer: Evaluation of process (HR). Follow up on client and on each Manager.
A Bank of Tried and Tested Instruments
Based on over thousands of assessments, Amrop Carmichael Fisher has built insight into multiple assessment tools and constructed a robust portfolio. Since no tools are Amrop Carmichael Fisher-owned, our suggestions are objectively tailored to each project: its nature and purpose, the tools already in use by the client and the seniority of assessees.
Our Check Questions
  • Are measures, procedures and scores objective and standardised?
  • Are norms based on a representative sample?
  • Does the manual contain scientific data regarding quality and objectives?
  • Does a personality test yield a statistically similar profile if re-conducted under the same conditions?
  • Does the test measure what it is supposed to measure?
  • Are ethical issues respected, such as confidentiality?
Quality Controlled and Ethical Beyond Norm
All Amrop Carmichael Fisher assessments follow mandatory requirements:
  • Compliance with explicit legal and ethical regulations
  • All competencies must be measurable and linked to organisational strategy, addressing two leadership dimensions: business and personal/social
  • Minimum of one face-to-face, structured and standardised interview per participant
  • Verbal and written debriefing for both client and assessee
  • Assessors in the business dimension: a seasoned Executive Search consultant with demonstrable business acumen
  • Assessors in the personal/social dimension: a proven track record in business psychology or related fields.
As a Member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), Amrop Carmichael Fisher adheres to a strict code of ethics. This finds its ultimate expression in Leadership Assessment. And we go further. As a Trusted Advisor, sustainable candidate and client relationships act as your mutual guarantee. 
  • Disqualify: external candidates we propose, in favour of a more suitable internal candidate/s
  • Decline assessments: where motivation is questionable or lacks transparency
  • Decline tools: where validity is insufficiently demonstrated
  • Respect: the individual in all circumstances – including ‘out-boarding’
  • Factor in: individual intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors
  • Factor out: artefacts that could compromise respondents’ objectivity