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AMROP TURKEY recently launched its new brand Amrop Boardinc, which will focus on consulting services for Turkish Boards of Directors. To launch the new service line, the firm hosted a round table discussion around good corporate governance principles, the role of Boards in that respect as well as the role of independent Board directors.


New York, NY

Dale Winston, Chairwoman and CEO of Amrop Battalia Winston (ABW), was interviewed by Fox Business News on December 6, 2010 to explain the details of the Firm’s 22nd annual Holiday Party Survey. This year’s survey recorded the worst holiday slump in 22 years.

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Amrop, a global leader in executive search with 89 offices in 57 countries, announced today the appointment of a new member firm in Romania, expanding the organization’s presence to seventeen offices in Central & Eastern Europe.


Russia’s expatriate communities have been growing over the 20 years since multinational companies entered the Russian market. Amrop, in cooperation with the ESCP-EAP European School of Management in Berlin, recently conducted a survey on how these expatriates lead, with some unexpected results.

Read the report in the Harvard Business Review Blog:


“...What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? An Ivy League degree? A business background? Substantial work experience? Preety Kumar of Amrop had none of these but what she did have was 'self belief'.”

Preety Kumar, Managing Partner of Amrop India, was interviewed recently as part of the India Inc. series by NewsX ( The interview covers Ms. Kumar’s professional background, her views on leadership and the way forward for business in India.


Swarup Choudhury has joined Amrop India as a Partner in Mumbai. Job Voorhoeve has joined Amrop as a Partner in Amsterdam. Maura Nobili has joined Amrop D&G as a Partner in Milan. Nadia Furfaro has joined Amrop D&G as a Partner in Rome.


Amrop's 9th Research & Associates' Conference was held recently in Berlin, Germany. This annual event drew participants from 33 countries to participate in training sessions, share and develop best practices and strengthen our global network. The event was also attended by Amrop Chairman Ulrich Dade, Board Member Nobuyuki Tsuji and Amrop Executive Director Brigitte Arhold.


Amrop is pleased to welcome six new Consultants to its global team of context driven executive search professionals.

Ola Jeppsson has joined Amrop as a Partner in Stockholm.

Bruno Pastore has joined Amrop ASA as a Partner in Milan.

Stephan Biallas has joined Amrop Delta as a Managing Director in Hamburg.

Ulrich Beckendorff has joined Amrop Delta as a Partner in Düsseldorf.

Oliver Geb has joined Amrop Delta as a Partner in Frankfurt.

Bogdan Komlenac has joined Amrop Adria as Business Development Manager in Belgrade.


Brussels, Belgium

Amrop reinforces its worldwide Context Driven Executive Search capabilities and is pleased to welcome five new Partners to its global team of professional Consultants.

Daniel Soh has joined Amrop as a Director in Singapore. Michal Kotlin has joined Amrop Dr. Kaufman & Partner as a Partner in Prague. Susanne Scherp-Keresztes has joined Amrop Delta as a Managing Director in Frankfurt. David Engel has joined Amrop RTA as a Partner in Paris. Yvonne Gunsch-Wegmann has joined Amrop as a Principal in Zurich.


Brussels, Belgium

Amrop is pleased to welcome 3 Partners to its global team of professional consultants.

Giacomo Santucci has joined Amrop ASA as a Partner in Milan. Bruce Walton has joined Amrop Battalia Winston as a Partner in Boston. Michael Reuter has been promoted to Partner at Amrop Delta in Frankfurt.


Amrop, the world’s largest network of independent executive search firms, recently announced a global rebranding across its entire network. This new global brand reflects and embraces Amrop’s strengths as a progressive, cohesive and context-driven global executive search organization.


Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, the parent company of Amrop Knightsbridge, Amrop’s Canadian member firm, has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, a prestigious award that recognizes management excellence in Canadian‐ owned and managed companies.