Talent Strategy

Anchoring sustainability is not only a strategic, but a human concern. It requires a mind shift at all levels of large, complex organizations.
What motivates leaders to join one kind of organization, and avoid another? What are their deeper criteria for career decisions?
Digital leaders are key members of executive teams. As such we can consider them jointly responsible for organizational growth.
Team and timing are the most important success factors, says leadership advisor Günther Tengel (Amrop Jenewein Austria) and jury member of the CASH Start-up Competition.
In Chapter 3 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we map out the executive search world. How is the profession evolving, and what still needs to improve?
In Chapter 2 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we focus on discovering early-stage talent — the Leaders for What’s Next.
Motivation is a complex - and vital - subject. Several researchers have sought to explain its influence on human behavior. We’ve all heard of one theory or another.
Privacy and discretion are sacred within executive search. As a result, clients lack a clear view of the profession. They are quickly inclined to regard headhunters as a 'necessary evil'.
Based on her recently published book, Maria Da Gloria Ribeiro, Founding Partner of Amrop in Portugal, presents 10 pillars to build a fulfilled professional career, each drawing inspiration from a true
Stepping into a high profile leadership role, especially in an unfamiliar culture, can be a discovery process that is as challenging as it is fascinating.