Talent Strategy

Are you or your staff in isolation? As the coronavirus escalates, let’s take a look at what being grounded might be doing to your mood, and how to lighten the mental load.
As the first country to be hit by Covid-19, and having experienced an intensive lockdown, China has taken the lead in finding ways to keep key activities running.
At Amrop, we believe that every problem contains a hidden opportunity. In times of difficulty, the way you treat your employees, clients, investors, business partners and suppliers is critical.
India’s pharmaceutical industry is at a crossroads. Over the last few years, growth rate in Rupee terms has decelerated to mid-single digits. The rate of introduction of new products has also slowed.
Only 28% of digital executives recently surveyed by Amrop agree their boards fully understand the meaning and scope of digital — let alone AI.
As digitization is reshaping business in the most fundamental ways, there are major gaps between knowing and doing.
Neural networks, inspired by our brain’s architecture, are scoring spectacular successes in gaming and pattern recognition.
Today’s emphasis on wise (ethical and sustainable) business practice raises questions surrounding the current approach to board evaluation.
Today’s top talent leaders are facing unprecedented pressure to digitize fast or fall behind.
This report is about mega trends, the future rules of business and building new leadership teams that will create exponential growth in a world of endless business opportunities.