Talent Strategy

In his pursuit of a new role, Patrick had dealt with five executive search firms and his experience had been less than positive.
A runaway streetcar is moving towards five people lying on the track.
Executive search consultants are extremely discreet; their clients and candidates need them to be.
A venerable multinational is forced to search in unusual places to reverse a creeping decline, and emerges stronger than ever.
A career is just one part of life, one of its many roles. And we know that life is rarely a freeway without bends, bumps, or obstacles - it’s a winding and complicated road.
This report is your personal invitation to enter the Flight Deck of today’s globalizing mid-caps. To hear what C-suite leaders are confidentially revealing - in their own words.
Amrop has been confirmed as a top executive search player in Romania by reported financial results.
The scale of the energy transition is unparalleled and will affect all sectors, some dramatically.
When we reach the summit of our career, we feel a sense of completeness and accomplishment. It dawns on us that we’ve finally achieved everything we aspired to.
Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute.